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Answers on a postcard

Is today the day that the Welsh political landscape is finally changed forever?

Blamerbell seems to think so and his post is supported by the Western Mail's first political article this morning, in which Plaid have set Labour a deadline of 2pm to come up with a deal.

It also reports that Rhodri is still in denial that only 32% of the electorate voted for him.

“We want to know what the public in Wales now thinks should happen. They voted. They produced two possible outcomes and we really need to know, as the French public did when they had a run-off between Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal what their real views were when it came down to it. What do the public of Wales want now? Do they want a Labour-led administration or do they want a Plaid Cymru-led administration? Answers on a postcard please!”

Given the anti-Labour feeling I experienced during the campaign, if there was a run-off between Plaid and the Tories, how many of the 22% of the vote gained by the Tories do you think would vote for his party if given the choice, and is he also confident that the 15% Lib Dem vote would support him?

For once, the mathematics for the First Minister just don't add up.

p.s. if you want a reason for a new approach to politics and policymaking, then examine how the BBC reports the ineptitude of this Assembly Government in the last eight years has led to the loss of 50,000 manufacturing jobs in Wales, despite calls from a range of academics (including yours truly), businesspeople and organisations such as the TUC to have a coherent manufacturing strategy for Wales - calls that have fallen on deaf Ministerial ears.


Draig O Gonwy said…
Prof - surely you should be favouring Plaid going in with Labour, as that would result in a shoo-in for the Tories in Aberconwy in the general and the Assembly election in 2011.

Hasn't Gareth Jones also said that he will go in with Labour essentially over his dead body. What will be his position if Plaid and Labour do a deal?

Interesting times ahead in Aberconwy.....
As a Welshman, what I want to see for the next four years is a non-Labour Government that makes the best of all the talents we have here in Wales, rather than a narrow group of supporters who won't agrue with their political masters over anything.

As a Welsh Conservative, having Plaid and Labour link up under any type of agreement (especially after Gareth's election literature in Aberconwy) would be very helpful in any future election.

At the moment, my heart does rule over my head, but that could change.....

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